The School Advisory Council (SAC) of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Parish is established to assist the Pastor and the Principal in the governance of this parish school.  The SAC’s primary purpose is the fostering of faith development and the advancement of the school community, in accordance the school’s mission statement and SAC Bylaws.  The SAC’s responsibility is solely for policy matters; it has no authority for the school’s administration or daily operations, including employment-related matters for school administration, faculty, and staff.  Its role is consulative to the Pastor and Principal, in the following areas:

  • Policy
  • Advancement
  • Education Programs
  • Finance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Justice
  • Technology
  • Selection of the Principal

The SAC is composed of the administrative team (Pastor and Principal) and the other SAC members, who are appointed by the SAC for a 3-year term.  In making the appointments, the SAC gives primary weight to ensuring that the SAC members will have a diversity of talent so as to be effective as a whole.

School Advisory Council members for the 2016-17 school year are:

Fr. Kevin Finnegan, Pastor 952.929.3317x102
Fr. Neil Bakker, Assoc. Pastor 952.929.3317x104
Mrs. Maureen Trenary, Principal 952.929.5463x121
Parents and Parishioners  
Mr. Paul Brown 773.706.6393
Mrs. Lori Commerford 612.812.1567
Mr. Chad Cornell 612.810.4642
Mrs. Amy Dennison (PSO Representative) 612.240.3476
Mr. Jeff Fix 612.968.9907
Mrs. Kristi Herro (SAC Chairperson) 612.851.0303
Mr. Tom King 612.743.6542
Mrs. Elizabeth Nientimp 612.600.7784
Mr. Matthew Pepper 303.552.1579
Mrs. Sarah Schumacher 612.916.2961


SAC meetings typically take place on the first Tuesday of every month.  Visitors wishing to make a presentation at a School Advisory Council meeting must request a place on the meeting agenda by contacting the Principal or the Chair, verbally or in writing, at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting. Such presentation shall be no longer than ten (10) minutes in length.

Strategic Plan:

View the OLG School Strategic Plan for 2016-2021. This plan will be finalized by December 2016 and will be updated with progress reports every June.