Parents:  As you consider whether our school is a good fit for your family, please consider our mission statement, philosophy and goals set forth below.  These are our guiding principles - the pillars on which we build the educational program and school community that is Our Lady of Grace Catholic School.  We ask all members of our school community – students, staff, faculty, parents and guardians – to embrace these principles as they participate in our school community and represent OLG in the broader community.           

Our Mission

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School is a Catholic community of parents, educators and students whose greatest commitment is to spiritual and academic growth. As members of God’s faith community, we proclaim and celebrate God’s love. As parents, we acknowledge our role as teachers of our children. As educators, we center our teaching on Gospel values, assess the individual needs of each child and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence. As students, we accept the responsibility to learn to our greatest potential and to be life-long learners. This growth occurs within a mutually supportive environment that fosters in each of us a love for God, love for one another and a desire to serve the greater community.

Our Philosophy

As a Christ-centered, Catholic community of parents, students, and faculty, we gather in faith to proclaim and teach the beliefs of our Church. Together we celebrate God’s love through worship, reflection and response to God’s word through service. As a learning community, we share our talents to help each other succeed both within our community and universal community. We strive for academic excellence. By working to maximize the gifts of all, we recognize and respond to the call to work for the common good. As an inclusive community, we welcome and discern the gifts and needs of each parent, student, and faculty member. With Jesus as our role model, we promote growth, both spiritual and academic, with attention to the individual.

Our Goals

  1. We will create and model a community that worships God and supports the faith formation of our students through weekly celebration of the Eucharist, prayerful reflection on God’s word, shared knowledge of Catholic doctrine, and the practice of Gospel values.
  2. We will fulfill Christ’s commandment to love through service projects that benefit our local community and the global community. Our commitment to love others will be nurtured through stewardship by every member of our community.
  3. We will work in partnership to enhance the educational opportunities, experiences and academic success of each member of the community through student enrichment programs, faculty development, peer-cooperation, parent education and community involvement.
  4. We will develop, implement, and continuously evaluate curricular and extracurricular programs and practices based on the needs of the students, faculty expertise, parent input, current educational research and technological developments.
  5. We will provide and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning where the diverse needs and styles of students are respected and accommodated and where individual achievement is valued and recognized.
  6. We will promote academic excellence by maintaining high expectations, setting high standards and rewarding outstanding effort and accomplishments.
  7. We will participate as students, families, parishioners and faculty members in the community building events that support the students and the financial, physical, technological and educational needs of the school.
  8. We will utilize various means of communication and technology to encourage the sharing of information and knowledge among our faculty, students and parents and to maximize the connection of every member of our community.
  9. We will provide a variety of resources for intellectual, interpersonal, physical, emotional and spiritual growth because we value the uniqueness of each member in the community.
  10. With Jesus as our role model, we will celebrate diversity, strive for inclusiveness and encourage an ongoing welcoming spirit in all that we do from the classroom to the sports field and outside our immediate community, so that people of all backgrounds feel valued.