In accordance with Catholic teaching, OLG believes that parents are the primary educators of their children.  Our church and school offer the following support programs for parents and families:

Edina PCN

Our Lady of Grace participates in the Parent Communication Network, a collaborative effort among all Edina schools to host speakers and researchers on  parenting topics.  Click here for the calendar of events and more about PCN.

Dr. Kahn

The family counselor at OLG is Dr. Steve Kahn.  Dr. Kahn occasionally offers parenting talks at OLG, and his website features many articles that parents can download.  Dr. Kahn is also available to counsel OLG families who contact him individually about anything related to a child’s behavior or development.  There is no charge for Dr. Kahn’s services.

Family Network

The Family Network assists OLG families who are experiencing a hardship such as a serious illness or injury, death in the family, or job loss.  Assistance could include help with meals, driving, or other support.  Contact the school office or Family Network Coordinator for more information.