OLG Graduate selected for STA Cadet Colonel!

William Mayleben, OLG Class of 2013, was recently named the 109th cadet colonel at St. Thomas Academy! This is the highest leadership role a student at STA can hold. Three of the last Four Cadet Colonels at STA have been graduates of Our Lady of Grace School: John Henry Neuberger Class of 2014, Brendan Quinlan Class of 2016 and now William Mayleben Class of 2017.  All three of these OLG Alumni attended OLG K-8th Grade.

The cadet colonel is chosen by a board of faculty, administration and students based on his academic performance, co-curricular involvement, merits and demerits, military performance and leadership abilities.The cadet colonel works with the administrators and military leaders at St. Thomas Academy to implement a wide variety of events and serves as a liaison between the cadets and the faculty and administration.

As William reflected on his time at OLG, he said that two of the greatest things that have helped prepare him for success in high school are the service mindset instilled at OLG and his 8th grade language arts courses. He appreciates that OLG emphasized the importance of serving others, which really prepared him to get involved and give back while at STA. This year, he is participating in the 40-hour senior service program. William said, “Being part of a military school and a leader in the student body has given me a chance to serve the school and its peers. Everything really ties together. “

Reflecting on his 8th grade language arts courses, William said he learned “everything that I ever need to know about grammar and the English language, so I am light-years ahead of my class mates in things such as commas to this day still.” He is beyond grateful for the confidence he gained as both a writer and speaker in these classes.

William wanted to pass along advice to current OLG students. He says, “Find a role model in your life. Guys like John Henry Neuberger (OLG 2010) and Brendan Quinlan (OLG 2012) both received this award before me. They were both influential role models and friends in my life who drove me to success. You can't score without a goal.”

In high school, William has participated in the Model UN, peer mentoring, and is a member of the 2016 state championship soccer team and the 2014, 2015 and 2016 state championship swim teams. He has also volunteered with the Clownfish Swim Club, a swim club for children with disabilities.

William plans to attend the University of Notre Dame, Boston College or Dartmouth College following graduation.

Congratulations to William and his family for this great honor! We are proud of William and all of our OLG alumni!

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