OLG participates in the Edina Public School Hot Lunch Program and serves hot lunch daily.  Menus are available on a monthly basis.  OLG uses an individual lunch accounting system, where each student has their own individual debit account, which requires that there be money in the account in order for the student to use it.  If you have questions or need assistance, please call Edina Food Service at 952-848-3811. 

Helpful Lunch Links
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Monthly Menu

Link to Edina Schools menu for OLG 

Edina Schools Food & Nutrition Program  

Edina Food Program

utrislice website and free app

Food and Nutrition Services for Edina Schools 
Set Up Lunch Account, View Account Balances and Make Payments www.PayPams.com
Lunch Prices

         Combo Meals:  include 3-5 items, one of which must be 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable
Note that most entrees count as 2 items because they include both a protein and a grain.  
Milk/juice also counts as an item in a combo meal.  So a combo meal includes an entree,
milk/juice, and 1-2 sides, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable. 


Middle School



Extra Entree


Sides (a la carte)
Vegetable or canned fruit 
Bread/Dinner Roll
Side Salad
Fresh Fruit 



Middle School extra items (a la carte)
4 oz cups Greek yogurt
Cereal Bar
 Dasani flavored water
Cookies (Wednesdays only)

Additional entree choice:  Monday - cheeseburger, Tuesday - mini corn dogs, 
Wednesday - Cheese Pizza, 
Thursday - buffalo chicken bites, Friday - cheese-filled breadsticks with marinara