Our Lady of Grace Catholic School is dedicated to providing students with an outstanding academic curriculum. We understand that students bring diverse needs into our classrooms and hold steadfast to high expectations and standards for all of our students.  Our teachers, with the help of teaching assistants in grades K-5, use differentiated instructional techniques at each grade level to ensure the success of each student.  Following is a summary of the academic experience at OLG.


Kindergarten is a time for children to establish their love of learning, build their general knowledge and expand their interest in exploring the world around them, while learning to cooperate with their peers.  At OLG, Kindergarten provides a smooth and exciting transition from preschool to the primary grades in a welcoming, faith-filled, loving environment focused on development of the spiritual, academic and social needs of each student.

Kindergarten at OLG is a full-day program that provides a well-balanced mixture of prayer, instruction, exploration, and playtime under the caring guidance of teachers and staff.   Language Arts, Math, Religion, Social Studies and Science make up our core curriculum, while Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education enrich the day.  Differentiation and small group instruction begin in kindergarten for math and reading, to ensure that all students are progressing appropriately in key academic skills.  

Kindergarteners have access to iPad Minis to enhance their learning experiences.

The Kindergarten year at Our Lady of Grace is a special one, highlighted by many fun and exciting events and programs especially for our youngest students, including The Secret Pumpkin Patch, All Saints' Day, Christmas Around the World, Saint Patick's Day Parade, and our 8th Grade Buddy Program.

Grades 1-5

 Our elementary school program in grades 1 through 5 provides an opportunity for students to grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally as they study and interact in a faith-filled environment.  Religious instruction, prayer and service are integral parts of every school day.

Language Arts for grades 1-5 consists of the four basic language processes: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We use a research-based language arts curriculum that is aligned with state and national standards. The program provides differentiated reading selections, opportunities for flexible grouping, a variety of literature genres, and varied forms of assessments.

Active learning is an important factor in all subject areas and most readily apparent in math and science. Mathematics focuses on computation, concept development, and problem solving. Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and Art round out the elementary curriculum.

Computer technology is integrated into the entire curriculum at OLG, enhanced by the presence of SMART Boards™ in each classroom. Students learn technology skills through use of computers in the K-5 computer lab or one of our four mobile computer labs, available to our classrooms on a daily basis. First through third grade classrooms have iPad Minis for student use.  The primary focus for our first and second-grade students is exposure to technology and programs that enhance early learning, while our third through fifth-grade students use technology throughout the curriculum with word processing programs, presentation programs and online research.

During the elementary grades, it is our goal to cultivate an enthusiasm for learning,  a respect for each student’s God given talents, and a responsibility to self and others. Our academic program for grades 1-5 is designed to develop competency, higher order thinking, encourage creativity and promote independence in each student to prepare them for success in Middle School.

Grades 6-8

 The Middle School program at OLG is committed to further inspiring enthusiasm for learning, with a continued emphasis on faith formation and moral development. In our classrooms, we work to build communities in which all students feel accepted and respected. During this critical time of moral, physical, and social development, we provide a small, tight-knit community with a strong home/school connection.  Because lifelong habits and personal identity are formed during these middle school years, we strive to help each student to develop their skills and build the confidence and discipline to think independently and behave responsibly.  We work to promote moral development through a reflective discipline policy  that emphasizes accountability.

OLG Middle School features a rigorous academic curriculum emphasizing the core subjects of Literature, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and Religion.   Students are challenged to think deeply and express themselves clearly in both speech and writing.  They are actively encouraged to embrace new concepts and ideas, listen to others and think critically, skills that will serve them well as they move into high school and beyond.   

Additionally, students enjoy Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education classes.  Relevant field trips promote arts and academics as well as exposure to career opportunities. OLG Middle School students are asked to be leaders of our school, with visible roles in Student Council, Peer Ministry, weekly liturgies and varied service projects. 

Technology plays an integral role in our Middle School program.  In 2007, Our Lady of Grace launched a cutting-edge One-to-One Learning Program, where each Middle School student has a dedicated Apple MacBook for use at home and school. These laptops put innovative educational opportunities at their fingertips.  Students not only learn advanced technology skills, as laptops are fully integrated into classroom teaching and homework, they also learn significant responsibility in managing these valuable tools.  SMART Boards™ in every Middle School classroom further integrate teaching, technology and curriculum.

Our Middle School faculty work tirelessly to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge, the development of faith, and the thoughtful formation of worthy goals in our students, preparing them well for high school and productive lives beyond.